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The Boyd Alumni and Former Student’s Association have been in existence for many years.  We have continued to celebrate and recognize a legacy that began over 80 years ago.  Many graduates and former students that passed through the corridors of Ole Boyd High and Kennedy Elementary School know the impact and imprint this experience have left on our lives.  Much of our success, we attribute to Professor O.E. Kennedy.  Professor Kennedy was a man small in stature but a giant in service to mankind.  He began his tutelage in 1924 as principal with 60 students and three rooms.  Upon his retirement in 1965, the school had expanded to a complex of educational buildings, a faculty membership of 20 and a student enrollment of 450.

During these years, approximately 350 persons received their diplomas. Mr. Kennedy was privileged to name the school Boyd High in 1930. He was the voice of the people through the years of depression and adversity.  He was a tower of strength to all that knew him. 

As we embark upon new horizons and blaze new trails in the twenty-first century, it is our desire that the entire community of Frederick and our neighbors  join in our quest for the best education for our children and building strong communities.

We want to build partnerships and friendships that last an eternity and will always work together for the good of the City of Frederick and our neighboring communities.

The Boyd Alumni and Former Students invite you to join with us and make our Boyd Reunion Celebrations the best ever!

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